Hideo Kojima: Metal Gear Solid Film Is “Brewing”


The Metal Gear mastermind has revealed that progress on the MGS flick is moving along and that he’ll be very involved with the project, while dropping hints about a possible game tie-in.

It’s no secret that great games very rarely make great movies, but if there’s any franchise that’s ripe for the silver screen, it’s Metal Gear Solid. Series creator Hideo Kojima’s well-documented love of cinema resulted in the MGS titles being either wonderfully cinematic pieces of interactive storytelling or more cutscene than game, depending on who you asked. Either way, the action-and-intrigue filled storyline should make for a good summer blockbuster, and work seems to be coming along in making that a reality.

“It’s brewing, brewing and very slowly moving,” Kojima said in an interview with Collider. With a common refrain among critics of MGS being that Kojima is more filmmaker than game designer, wouldn’t it be natural to assume he’d be taking the reins on the movie? Maybe not, according to Kojima. “I won’t have the direct seat, but I will plan to be very, very involved with the projects,” he said.

Projects? Could there be multiple MGS films planned, or maybe some new games to tie-in with the film? Kojima remarked that doing a game tie-in would be a “challenge” but that he’s “very interested” in the idea.

[Via Ars Technica]

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