High-Tech Ninjas Fight With Portal-Jitsu in Fan Film


Portals and ninjas in one place: Could this be the peanut butter and jelly of the internet?

Thinking with portals is one thing, but fighting with them is something else entirely. Imagine, if you will, highly trained ninjas who use portals to control the battlefield and their opponents. Or just watch this video, because that’s exactly what it is.

The video is the work of Yung Lee, a filmmaker and martial artist from Canada, and stars Yung and martial artist and gymnast Tori Lee as the aforementioned Portal Ninjas. It’s a pretty short film, but it’s remarkably well put together. The Portal Guns might not look much like the one in the games – although they don’t look completely out of place either – but it’s fun to watch the two Lees get creative with the fight choreography.

You can watch more of Lee’s movies on his YouTube channel, as well as watch some outtakes from the Portal Ninjas shoot. The outtakes are especially fun if you like hearing curse words hidden by animal noises, and people messing around with Nerf guns in an empty building late at night.

Source: The Mary Sue

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