Hitman 3 Dartmoor Assassinations Guide

The second mission of Hitman 3, Death in the Family, takes 47 to Dartmoor and the vast Carlisle estate to track down Alexa Carlisle. It’s a big change from Dubai’s vast skyscraper and has a side helping of murder mystery to dig into for some of the special kills. We walk you through each one and the easiest way to complete them with this Hitman 3: Death in the Family Special Kills Guide.

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Before that, it’s worth pointing out a unique aspect of this mission. 47 needs to acquire intel on Arthur Edwards, and there are two ways of doing that. One we detail as part of a certain special kill. The other involves subduing Rebecca Carlisle and Mr. Fernsby the butler so 47 can acquire their bank tokens, and you can do that regardless of what route you take to eliminate Alexa.

Another Death in the Family — Redacted

Hitman 3: Death in the Family Special Kills Guide Another Death in the Family

Death in the Family’s easiest special kill is Another Death in the Family because you literally do nothing to earn it. It won’t earn you any speed completion bonuses, though. As you wander the Carlisle estate, you’ll notice Alexa Carlisle moving around quite frequently if you follow her with 47’s instincts.

She’ll eventually make her way to the dining room on the ground floor and give a big speech to her assembled family. Not long after, you’ll get the notice that she’s dead by poison, and the challenge gets marked as cleared. Who did it? That’s for you to find out, though again, it does take a while for this to happen.

This is a particularly unique special kill for Hitman 3 and Death in the Family.

One for the Ages — Electrocute Alexa Carlisle During the Photo Shoot

Hitman 3: Death in the Family Special Kills Guide One for the Ages

If you exit the sitting room and head left, you’ll emerge on a terrace leading to the estate’s garden. Walk a little ways towards the maze to overhear a new story mission: One for the Ages. Alexa wants her photo taken, and 47 is only too happy to oblige. This one’s fairly simple, though you do need some advance planning to pull it off.

Before subduing the photographer, you’ll want to grab the crowbar from outside the mansion. If you started in the garden, face the house and go left around it until you reach the delivery area. The crowbar is on a crate near a van. Now ambush a footman and don his outfit. Go to the dining room, exit the central door, and turn left. You’ll see a staff trolley and vacuum outside a supply closet. There’s a screwdriver in the closet, which you’ll need.

If you get easily turned around, here’s a map shot of where the closet is.

Hitman 3: Death in the Family Special Kills Guide One for the Ages

Go back to the photo area and find a way to quietly deal with the photographer. It’s not too challenging on Easy and Normal, so just make sure you aren’t in anyone’s line of sight. He wanders near the hedges at one point, which is a good chance to knock him out and stuff him in one of the gardening bins.

Next you’ll need a fuse. If you’re following the story, the game directs you to a nearby fuse box to the left of the stairs leading out from the dining room. Bust the box open, grab the fuse, and put it in the other power box near the fountain. Acquire the wrench at the back of the fountain, then take the maid’s photo as requested.

It’s time to act now that the maid is occupied calling the family down. Equip the screwdriver and expose the wire at the powerbar beside the chair. To your left is a panel you can interact with using the wrench. Do that to create a puddle under the chair and wait.

Alexa comes out, makes a short speech, notices the puddle, and sits down. Take the photo to finish the job and score your special kill for Death in the Family in Hitman 3.

I Find This Amoosing — Redacted

Hitman 3: Death in the Family Special Kills Guide I Find This Amoosing

The easiest way I found to clear Hitman 3’s I Find This Amoosing challenge was to follow the detective story, but not all the way through. Follow Mr. Whitmer and attack him when the moment is right — he ends up in a hallway outside the dining room after a while, if you miss an earlier opportunity. Wearing his clothes, speak to Mr. Fernsby or meet with Alexa if you get Whitmer early enough. Investigate Zachary’s room, making sure to check the note, laptop, body (via 47’s camera), secret passage, and floor plans in the passage. They’re easy to see, but again, use instinct mode if need be.

Now go back downstairs and make sure you have a crowbar or lockpick. Head through the kitchen (same side of the house as the dining room) and into the adjoining staff area. Fernsby’s office is behind a set of locked glass doors near the fuse box outside the kitchen. Break into the office and grab the journal from the fireplace and diary from Fernsby’s desk. You have enough evidence to accuse the butler.

Speak to him or Alexa, and you’ll be escorted to Alexa’s office. Go through the dialogue and accuse Fernsby. When you’re asked about your reward, go ahead and say you want the Edwards file to save a step. Grab the file from Alexa’s safe and save. She’ll either mosey around the office or go outside for a bit. Either way, book it up the stairs so you’re out of immediate view.

As Alexa walks through the office towards the door, she’ll walk under the moose antler chandelier. Time your shot with the silenced pistol, and down it falls. The best part is it’s an accidental death, and you aren’t pegged as the criminal. Make sure she’s close enough first, though, or it won’t hit her.

It’s worth noting you can do all this much faster once you’ve raised your area mastery and unlocked Zachary’s room as a starting point.

Grave Mistake — Put Alexa Carlisle to Rest

Grave Mistake is another simple assassination in Hitman 3’s Dartmoor stage, one you can follow from the start. First, grab a shovel from the garden. Then, facing the greenhouse in the garden, go left. You’ll eventually reach the graveyard and overhear staff talking about Alexa’s sham funeral. Follow the story and prompts to the trees hosting a murder of crows (what else?). Shoot their nests to clear them away. It’s best to hide in the bushes to do this, and as always, use the silenced pistols to avoid undue attention.

Next up is subduing the undertaker. He wanders around the grave site after inspecting the portrait, and you have a chance to knock him unconscious while no one’s looking. There’s a handy bin nearby to store him too. It’s easy to get spotted here since the area is open, though you do have the graceless option of hurling melee weapons at everyone who sees you if need be.

Whatever your choice, follow the prompt and have the staff summon Alexa. Wait through her griping over the portrait until she inspects the site. There’s one bodyguard nearby, but he turns around fairly often. When no one’s looking and Alexa is in front of the grave, shove her in, equip the shovel, and interact with the dirt pile to finish the job.

Keep Calm and Aim — Eliminate Alexa Carlisle with a Sniper Rifle from the Roof of the Mansion


Keep Calm and Aim is a bit trickier, though here’s one way to do it. First, you’ll need a sniper rifle, and as always, that won’t be available until you level up your rank and area mastery more. With that done, infiltrate the manor, locate the rifle, and leave it in an easy-to-find place, preferably Zachary’s room. Have a staff or guard disguise ready on the ground floor as well. Go in Alexa’s office and up the stairs. Climb the ledge to the open window on the left, and go through it. Unlock the ladder using a crowbar.

Now do the graveyard story again to get Alexa out of the house. As she’s being summoned, race back to the house in your not-suspicious disguise and enter Zachary’s room on the second floor. On the balcony, scale the wall, shimmy to the right, and make your way up the drain pipes until you get to the area where the ladder now is.

Climb up, get Alexa in the sights and finish the job.

There might be a more efficient way of doing this one, but after multiple tries, this is the best I could find.

Sweet Dreams — Eliminate Alexa Carlisle in Her Private Room

Sweet Dreams is the final special kill in Hitman 3’s Dartmoor stage and has 47 eliminate Alexa in her private room. There’s probably a cleaner way to do this, but so far we’ve only found the messy one. Infiltrate Alexa’s office, preferably disguised as a bodyguard, and contrive to knock her out and drag her into the room. Then finish the job. It means a lot of killed NPCs, but we’ll update when we find another way.

That’s every Hitman 3 Dartmoor assassination. Be sure to check out our other Hitman 3 guides for more tips on clearing each stage’s toughest challenges:

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