Hitman Episode 3 Release Date Announced


Agent 47 returns next week.

Hitman Episode 3 will arrive on May 31, with Agent 47 making his way to Marrakesh, according to a PS Blog post today.

“Marrakesh has been built with a maze of alleys, a range of souks that line the medina walls and a fully fletched shisha cafe,” the post reads. “Moving upwards, players can enjoy the shade on the signature rooftop terraces of Marrakesh.”

In the mission, titled “Gilded Cage,” you’ll be taking on two targets: private banker Claus Strandberg in the Swedish Consulate and army General Reza Zaydan, who is “protected by his elite squad of soldiers at a temporary headquarters in the heart of the city.”

“With Marrakesh also comes a lot more live content for players to engage with and the busy markets and locked down consulate will provide us with great settings for our live features,” the post continues. “Episode 3 has been designed to keep players busy with a wide range of challenges and opportunities and along with an entirely new setting for Contracts mode, Elusive Targets and Escalation Contracts, we are dying to see what you come up with.”

In other Hitman news, the second Elusive Target mission goes live this weekend, giving players 48 hours, and one chance, to take out “The Congressman” in the game’s Sapienza location. Only 53% of players successfully completed the first Elusive Target mission, “The Forger.”

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