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Holes Actor Wins Dream Con Mortal Kombat Tournament Dressed as Powerline

Holes Actor Wins Dream Con Mortal Kombat Tournament Dressed as Powerline

In what might be the weirdest news in recent memory, Holes actor Khleo Thomas won a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament on July 29 while suited up as A Goofy Movie’s fictional popstar, Powerline. It’s a story that sounds too ridiculous to be true, but a video of the Dream Con competition proves it really happened, as Thomas, who played Zero in the 2003 Shia LeBouf film, can be seen mutilating the competition as Sub-Zero. Speaking with Kotaku, the celebrity explained that the cold-blooded Mortal Kombat character has been his go-to choice for quite a while:

MK is my favorite fighting game 100 percent. I’m a lifer when it comes to this franchise. The characters, the story, the stages, all of it,” he said. “It’s a tradition with me and my brother that when the new MK game drops we play 100 matches to see who comes out on top. We’ve done this with every single MK game. I’ve always chosen Sub-Zero and he’s always chosen Scorpion. It’s poetic in a way.”

As for why Thomas, who has continued his career in the spotlight as a content creator, is cosplaying as the A Goofy Movie character, it turns out it wasn’t a decision he made alone. He explains that his fans helped pick an outfit for him to wear to Dream Con, with Powerline chosen as the favorite option. The Holes actor originally only planned to wear the outfit for a panel but decided to keep it on for the duration of the tournament.

“Also, being in a public setting didn’t bother me at all,” Thomas added. “I’m trained to perform, so when the bright lights come on, it’s showtime.”

Naturally, Thomas celebrated his Dream Con Mortal Kombat victory by re-enacting Powerline’s famous A Goofy Movie song and dancing with the WWE’s Xavier Woods. You can skip to 1:21:00 in the video below to see his tournament-winning match, but be sure to watch until 1:28:30 to see his victory dance.

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