With Honest Hearts just a week away, Bethesda has unleashed the official launch trailer for the next Fallout: New Vegas DLC, starring none other than the legendary Burned Man himself.

Joshua Graham was the feared right-hand man of Caesar, until he led the Legion to disastrous defeat at the First Battle of Hoover Dam. As punishment for his role in the debacle and to serve as a warning to others, he was coated in tar, set on fire and cast into the Grand Canyon; yet the notoriously hard-to-kill Graham, now referred to only as the Burned Man, survived, and he’s apparently got big plans for the future.

The launch trailer doesn’t actually tell us much about what’s going on; Zion looks nice, there are lots of tribals killing each other and the Burned Man comes across as just a wee bit nuts, although under the circumstances I suppose it’s not fair to hold that against him. Whatever’s happening, it looks like more of the “real” Fallout experience, and I’m definitely looking forward to finding out more about Graham, his history and his fall from Caesar’s grace. I guess maybe it’s time to actually finish New Vegas.

Honest Hearts comes out on May 17 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. To learn more, check out fallout.bethsoft.com.

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