Microsoft relaunches the semi-hidden Windows 95 game with modern graphics and touch controls.

I have vivid memories of the time I discovered Hover!. It was buried on the Windows 95 disc inside a folder called “fun stuff”. Back when games came in expensive boxes from the store, finding a free game secreted away was pretty exciting. Its particular brand of bumper cars crossed with capture the flag demanded a certain level of mastery. Now, you can let all that flood back, as Microsoft has released a new version of Hover that plays right in your web browser.

Built with the latest version of WebGL, the new Hover features significantly improved graphics with a Tron-like spin. It’s optimized for Internet Explorer, but it should run in any browser. While it looks different, it should still have the same feel as the original, even if the levels are slightly modified. There are also three vehicles to pick from now, each with their own handling characteristics. Likely the best part is the addition of online multiplayer. Hover features support for up to eight players to compete in teams. Instead of a server browser, it generates a special URL that each player can use to join the game.

“We build these experiences to showcase to consumers what the web can be, and at the same time to developers what they can actually build on the web,” said director of Internet Explorer marketing Roger Capriotti. “This is good eye candy, but at the end of the day it’s a real site. This is a real game that you can play [with] multiplayer and we’re excited to have developers take it for a spin, reminisce about it and also learn from it and maybe build their own experiences.”

Source: Polygon

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