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How to Beat the Juggernaut Boss in Armored Core 6

AC6 Juggernaut defeated

The Juggernaut is the third boss you’ll encounter in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. A big, tank-like opponent, Juggernaut has some solid firepower and will try to run you down. If you’re having trouble handling this boss, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to beat the Juggernaut boss in Armored Core 6, including the best build for taking it down.

Best Build to Beat the Juggernaut Boss in Armored Core 6

Let’s start with the build. Before you start the mission, you’ll want to make sure you’re equipped with what you need to take this boss down. At this stage you’ll have access to energy weapons, and these are what I recommend using for this fight.

Use the following setup:

  • Right Arm – Laser Rifle VP-66LR
  • Left Arm – Laser Rifle VP-66LR

AC6 Laser Rifle

  • Left Back Unit – Plasma Missile Launcher Vvc-70VPM
  • Right Back Unit – Plasma Missile Launcher Vvc-70VPM

AC6 Plasma Missile Launcher

There rest of the parts can be whatever you have purchased up to this point in Armored Core 6, it’s just the weaponry that you’ll want to have a similar setup for. Try to build out your AC with some parts that increase your AP though so you have a bit more survivability. You’ll also need enough carry weight to use the two rifles and launchers.

Now that you have a good setup for the mission, you can fight your way through to the boss fight. This fight isn’t too hard if you follow these steps:

  • Stay airborne. this is the most important part of getting through this battle. The Juggernaut is on tank treads and will run you down with its charge attacks on the ground. Avoid these easily by being in the air and firing on the boss from above.
  • Use your weapons to build up the stagger meter as consistently as you can. You want to spread out your damage to build up the meter quickly. Fire with your left Laser Rifle and then your right to alternate and avoid overheating them as quickly.
  • Alternate fire of your left and right Plasma Missile Launchers as well. These will help you build up stagger on the Juggernaut very quickly.
  • Every time the Juggernaut gets staggered, this is when you can get real damage in. It will be vulnerable and every attack chunks its health down while in that state.
  • You’ll need to rinse and repeat a few stagger cycles before you deal enough damage to beat the Juggernaut.

AAC6 Stay in the air vs Juggernaut

That’s how you can take down the Juggernaut boss in Armored Core 6. Stay in the air as much as possible. Build up stagger as consistently by alternating fire and if you use my energy weapon setup, you’ll zap this boss down in no time!

Still not sure how the stagger meter works in Armored Core 6? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with an article on the subject.

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