Wanted: Dead Hannah Stone combat with fire

In Wanted: Dead players will make their way through a futuristic cyberpunk Hong Kong filled with ninjas and robotic mechs, slicing through enemies as the katana-wielding Lt. Hannah Stone. She and her team on the Zombie Unit, a police force tasked with taking down corporate corruption, must battle to discover city’s secrets, uncovering a city-wide conspiracy, all while taking breaks to down some noodles or chat with friends in the unit. But how long is this adventure? How long will it take players to complete the game Wanted: Dead?

Wanted: Dead Should Take About Eight Hours to Complete the Main Story, Though it Will Take Longer if You do Everything in the Game

On average, it will take around eight hours to slash your way through the city, discovering the secrets and taking down evil corporate overlords, and then an additional couple hours if you want to 100% the game. 

Keep in mind that if you are playing at higher difficulty levels, this number could be significantly higher if you are struggling with certain enemies, bosses, or sections of the game, making it so you have to replay sections. Also even in Normal mode, players will usually spend some of this time developing the skills of their katana and other weapons before being able to effortlessly win fights.

And that’s how long Wanted: Dead is.

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