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How Long To Beat Sea of Stars?

How Long Does It Take To Beat Sea of Stars?

One of the most remarkable things about Sea of Stars is how it’s a lovingly crafted throwback to RPGs of a bygone era. While RPGs today like Baldur’s Gate 3 pride themselves on the sheer amount of content within them, Sea of Stars is, by comparison, concise and efficient. The game never overstays its welcome and lasts just as long as it needs for you to explore and see its world. Because of this, Sea of Stars is a lot shorter than the average RPG, but just how much time will it take you to beat?

Keep in mind that just reaching the final boss of Sea of Stars isn’t technically the end of the game. There is a true ending that you will need to unlock after defeating the final boss, so know that there’s still more to be done even once you’ve won and the day is saved. Plus, if you’re going for 100% completion or sinking a lot of time into the optional side game called Wheels, your time may be a little bit longer than average players. But if you just want to reach the end of the game, here’s how long it will take.

How Many Hours Will It Take To Complete Sea of Stars?

According to Howlongtobeat.comSea of Stars can take anywhere between 25-30 hours to beat, with an average playtime of 26 hours. Our own Marty Sliva confirmed this in his review of the game, noting that it would take about 25-30 hours to reach the end. If you want to try and unlock the true ending of the game, your playtime will most likely be closer to that 30 hour mark.

Completionists will be in for a more extensive adventure though, given that not only will you have to do everything to beat Sea of Stars and see the true ending, but you’ll need to begin New Game+ if you want to earn all of the achievements. There are also some secrets to discover, like the purpose of the flimsy hammers and figuring out how to acquire all four of them. If you’re looking to complete the game, that will take you around 40 hours, which is still less time than it would take to beat a sizable AAA RPG like Final Fantasy XVI. Personally, I’m all for shorter RPGs like Sea of Stars, and I find the length of the game to be perfect for a relaxing adventure.

If you want to know more about the game, make sure to check out our documentary on its creation and our other coverage, including the achievements list and more.

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