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How Long Was Hogwarts Legacy in Development?

Here is the answer to how long Hogwarts Legacy was in development at Avalanche Software. As expected, it took quite a while to create.

Hogwarts Legacy was delayed twice and also had its last-gen versions postponed some additional months later, but in the end, few people remember details like that. They just remember the fun of playing a game when it releases. However, if you are wondering how long in total Hogwarts Legacy was in development at Avalanche Software, here is the answer.

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Hogwarts Legacy Was Announced in 2020 but Was Being Developed Back in 2018

Hogwarts Legacy was in development for at least four and a half years, probably longer. This action RPG has you attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in 1899 and was officially announced in 2020. The reveal took place in September, as part of that month’s PlayStation Showcase.

Avalanche hasn’t officially said when it started developing Hogwarts Legacy, but we know it was in the works during 2018. That’s because, in October 2018, footage was leaked of what people were calling a Harry Potter RPG.

The leaked footage was less than a minute long, but Hogwarts Legacy publisher Warner Bros. had it taken down, seemingly confirming it was genuine. Apart from the footage, the game’s description was leaked, confirming the game’s setting and time period.

It was probably also in development as far back as 2017, since that’s when Avalanche and Warner Games would have had to decide what format the game would take and what genre it would occupy.

So the answer to how long Hogwarts Legacy was in development is at least four and half years, but it’s probably more like at least five.

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