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How Many Episodes in Succession Season 4

How Many Episodes in Succession Season 4 - Brian Cox in Succession

The fourth and final season of Succession has premiered on HBO. As fans prepare to say goodbye to the dysfunctional and cutthroat Roy family, it’s helpful to know how much time is left with our favorite privileged New Yorkers. Here’s how many episodes are in season 4 of Succession.

Like Previous Seasons, Succession Season 4 Has Ten Episodes

Succession provides an inside look at a massive media conglomerate akin to Fox News run by ruthless patriarch Logan Roy. After Logan suffers unexpected health issues, his children and employees compete to be the successor to the company, even though Logan is unwilling to hand it over.

The final season picks up after Kendall, Shiv, and Roman unite forces in an attempt to take over Waystar Royco, only to be thrown under the bus by Shiv’s husband, Tom. Despite the shocking twist, season 4 will see the war between Logan and his children continue. 

Per previous seasons, the fourth season of Succession will have ten episodes. This follows the model of the first and second season which also had ten episodes. The only season with a different length was season 3, which had nine episodes due to storytelling reasons

As with previous seasons, HBO will air episodes weekly at 9 p.m. ET, with episodes streaming on HBO Max after airing, along with the first three seasons. Fans of binge-watching can wait until the finale airs on May 28 to stream all ten episodes at once. Though it will be hard to say goodbye to the Roys’ chess matches, we’ll savor all ten episodes of Succession season 4 while we have them. 

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