How Much Is George Lucas Involved In The Old Republic?


George Lucas is the grand overseer of all things Star Wars, but he can’t be everywhere at once. So how much involvement is he taking in the development of the latest and (hopefully) greatest venture for his franchise, Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Despite the wishes of many folks who hold Star Wars close to their hearts, franchise father George Lucas is, ultimately, the end-all be-all of everything Star Wars. Now, we can assume that the guy can’t micro-manage the packaging for every single action figure, but it’d be silly to assume that he doesn’t have some say in one of the biggest ventures for the franchise in recent memory, BioWare’s MMOG, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

“I haven’t shown it to him personally, no,” BioWare’s Ray Muzyka told G4. “But I know he keeps his finger on the pulse of everything LucasArts is working on, so I know he’s involved in it. I’ve talked to him about the project in the past and I know he’s excited about it.”

Run for the hills! Cancel all The Old Republic pre-orders! If George Lucas is excited about something and thinks it’s good, then, by any sound logic, that must therefore mean that it’s bad, right? When was the last time George Lucas was excited for something? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? We all remember how that turned out!

But wait, don’t you guys remember how awesome The Old Republic E3 trailer was? What did Lucas think of that, I wonder. “I can’t say what he thought of the trailer because I don’t know for sure that he’s seen it,” Muzyka said. “But I imagine he has because he’s very involved in the development side of things.”

Like it or not, Star Wars fans, but George Lucas is “very involved” in the development of his franchise’s properties, and The Old Republic falls under that category. It’s okay. I’m sure it’ll turn out fine.

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