How Much of a Nerd Are You?


How nerdy a life do you lead?

Okay, let’s be honest here. If you’re reading this right now, here on this site, you are probably – to some degree – a geek, a dork, or a nerd. In fact, that’s the entire subject of this week’s issue of The Escapist: What do those words mean? What does it mean to be a geek, a dork, or a nerd, and why should we care?

Naturally, this material is ripe for a quiz. We’re all a little bit nerdy here, but just how nerdy are we? How potent is the geek fire that runs through our veins? Are we mere pretenders, or are we true-born nerds – or are we somewhere in between?

That’s what this week’s quiz asks, anyway: How much of a nerd are you?

As always, you can take the quiz as many times as you like if you aren’t fond of the answer you get, but just remember, to thine own geek self (or should that be “geeks elf”?) be true.

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