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How to Recruit Sam Coe in Starfield

Sam Coe in Starfield

Starfield has its very own space cowboy in the form of Sam Coe. He’s not just waltzed off the ranch, though, as he’s got a whole uncomfortable family history. But how do you meet this companion? If you want him on your team, here’s how to recruit Sam Coe in Starfield.

What You Need to Do to Get Sam Coe in Starfield

To recruit Sam Coe in Starfield, you need to have reached the Lodge and have begun the “Old Neighborhood” quest. It’s best if you complete the mission first, since Sam’s quest makes more sense that way. But I still managed to jump into Sam’s quest, “The Empty Nest,” by speaking to him.

At the Lodge, speak to Sam, who is in the indoor greenhouse. He’ll explain your next mission and ask you to go to Akila City, with his daughter staying on the ship. Head to Akila City on the planet Akila, in the Cheyenne system. At this stage, Sam Coe is on your team, and you can’t dismiss him until you’ve complete “The Empty Nest.”

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I won’t go into the entire “The Empty Nest” quest, but it involves foiling a bank robbery, meeting Sam’s father, and wading into gang territory. Finish the mission, and Sam becomes a full-time companion. He’s also a potential romance option, if you want to pursue him in that way.

So is Sam Coe worth having around? Absolutely. Even if you’re not interested in romancing him, his three star rifle skill makes him handy in a firefight, provided he’s properly equipped. And his piloting skills will give your ship power a boost. If you’re keeping Sam as a companion, you should also be taking him with you whenever you land.

Here are his skills:

  • Piloting – 4 stars
  • Payloads – 2 stars
  • Rifle Certification – 3 stars
  • Geology – 1 star

And that’s what you need to know about how to recruit Sam Coe in Starfield, one of the many great characters you can bring with you on your journeys through space.

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