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What is the Max Level in Starfield?

If you want to keep leveling up your character and slowly unlock every single skill in Starfield, you're in luck.

Starfield has a ton of skills you can use your skill points on when you level up. Each and every skill point can be quite impactful in making your character stronger or more useful. Skills max out at level 4 and this is where they also get their biggest power spike. You only get one skill point per level up, and it can take a while to increase your level through taking down enemies and completing missions, so you’ll slowly build up your levels and skills throughout your playthrough.  At what point do you cap out on levels though in Starfield? Let’s take a look at what is the max level in Starfield.

What is the Max Level in Starfield?

In Starfield there is actually no level cap at all. This means you’ll be able to continue leveling up the entirety of your time playing the game. You’ll eventually be able to accumulate all the skill points you need to acquire every skill in the game on a single character. You’ll even be able to max out every single skill in the game on one character. With enough time and effort, you’d become an invincible, supremely skilled John Wick-style character. While you can keep leveling up indefinitely, you’d hit a bit of a cap on your character progression once you reach level 380. This is the point where you’d have all the skill points you need to fully level up every single skill. Going beyond that point you’d no longer receive any real benefit for getting to a higher level.

While there is no max level in Starfield, you will reach a point where you no longer have skills to level up. It will take you hundreds of hours to reach that point though and your character will be so obscenely powerful it won’t really matter!

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