If you want to use center axis relock targeting in the Resident Evil 4 remake to have Leon aim like John Wick, here is how to do it.

Leon is pretty badass in the Resident Evil 4 remake, as you might expect from someone who survived the fall of Raccoon City. Is he as badass as John Wick? We’re not going to wade into that debate, but you can hold your gun like him. So, if you’re wondering how to aim like John Wick in the Resident Evil 4 remake, here’s the answer.

You Can Aim Like John Wick in Resident Evil 4 When You’re Close to an Enemy

To aim like John Wick in the RE4 remake, you need to get close to an enemy. How close? Real close — close enough that they can reach out and grab you by the throat.

You can’t just aim and then get in close, either. You have to be close, then aim your weapon at them. You’ll see Leon hold his pistol in the same manner as John Wick. Enemies seem to take a little more damage this way, but given that your gun is in their face, that does make sense.

However, the associated risk means you should only really use the move if you want to show off. Most of the time, you should be keeping the Ganados at a distance, only closing in to melee them.

As long as you keep holding the aim button, Leon should keep the John Wick stance, even if you back off. But release the aim button and he’ll go back to his normal way of aiming. Let’s just hope Lionsgate Entertainment doesn’t come after Capcom for stealing his move.

Or… maybe not. Because while it’s been popularized by the John Wick movies, this kind of close-up aiming is called center axis relock and has been around for a little while. So, even if John Wick wasn’t a thing, Leon’s aiming stance would still make sense.

That’s everything you need to know about how to aim like John Wick in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

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