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How to Beat Scylla in Hades 2

Drown, drown!

After dealing with Hecate and her hexes back on the surface, Melinoë faces Scylla and the Sirens as the second big boss of Hades 2. Here’s what you need to know to defeat the guardian of Oceanus.

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How to Defeat Scylla and the Sirens in Hades 2

Scylla is found at the end of the Oceanus area, the second zone you visit in Hades 2. Reaching her takes a while if you’re new to the zone, as you’re still getting used to the new enemies and environment. And even if you manage to reach her the first time you visit it, the curse Eris put in you will most likely doom your run.

But once you face her fair and square, Scylla will face you with her fellow band members, Roxy (the drummer) and Jetty (the guitarist). All three girls share the same main health bar, but each has a hidden HP. Depleting this hidden gauge puts them out of the fight until the next phase begins. Each of them has a specific moveset, too.

Scylla Attacks and Moves

Charging Spikes: Scylla channels a red energy in her hand for a few seconds, then starts charging at you with red spikes in front of her. She usually opens the fight with this move.

Shell Bomb: Scylla hides in her shell for a while, then opens it while throwing various urchins at you.

Mic Slash: Scylla lunges at you with her microphone. The mic glows red for a second before she hits, so dodge it when you see it.

Musical Notes: Scylla sings an orb note that follows you through the arena. Lasts for a few seconds or until it hits you.

Rotating Lasers: Scylla channels four lasers in her cardinals and starts rotating. She cannot move while using it.

Roxy Attacks and Moves

Drumming Circles: Roxy summons five series of circles around the arena sequentially. Patterns are always the same, but the order they appear is always random.

In and Out: Roxy hits the entire room except from a small circle around herself. She does the opposite right after, so you need to run away from her immediately. Roxy may randomly change this order, and may do up to three beats (in-out-in or out-in-out) at once.

Jetty Attacks and Moves

Mermaid Dash: Jetty dashes in your direction, sending out a red wave similar to Roxy’s beats in the process. If she hits you, she lets out another extra wave at where she landed.

Orbs: Jetty starts playing the guitar and summoning small red orbs that follow you. Similar to Scylla’s attack, but not as deadly.

Bubble Waves: Jetty plays the guitar and sends bubbles in your direction, They don’t deal damage but knock you back and stun you briefly.

You need to take all three sirens out to win. You can take them out at any order, but only Scylla will be up for the final phase. Poseidon boons are useful due to their AoE effects, but are not necessary. Hephaestus’ skills can also pack a punch if all Sirens are next to each other when triggering them.

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Different weapons and builds may deal with the fight differently, but below is my general method for approaching this battle.

Phase 1

All three Sirens are vulnerable during this phase, and you can choose which one to deal with first. I always go for Roxy, as she’s always in the same place and doesn’t have any melee attacks. Just be careful when Scylla is using her Spikes, or you’ll take some free damage while trying to get the drummer.

Scylla can be generally ignored, except when doing Lasers or Spikes. Most of her other attacks are quite simple to dodge, so they won’t be doing you much harm during the fight. Jetty is another story, as while she’s generally calm and doesn’t attack much, her surprise dashes can easily catch you off guard.

Roxy’s circles will always go bottom up or upside down, so have this in mind when trying to dodge them. Pay attention to where they began, and head there instead of toward where a new circle will be spawning. You also have all the Jetty and Scylla things to worry about here.

Cast boons are incredibly useful for taking out Roxy quickly. Hestia’s Cast will constantly burn her down in her drums, for example. If you have wide-range abilities such as the Witch’s Staff charged Attacks, use them to squish out some extra damage from the other Siren, too.

Once Roxy is down, I recommend chasing Jetty first, as she’s the most annoying of the three. And now that you don’t need to worry about the drums’ circles, it gets easier to dodge her dashes preemptively. Once she’s down, burn down Scylla to start phase 2.

Phase 2

Once they recover, a random Siren will be chosen as the Featured Artist. This Siren will have her attacks enhanced and will attack much more fiercely than before. Aside from that, nothing really changes for this fight. Jetty is the most dangerous Featured Artist, as she’ll now charge at you much more frequently. But all others are equally fearsome, so be careful.

The same things apply here. Roxy will use her In and Out attacks much more frequently here, so be careful, as Scylla may take this chance to strike at you with some of her melee hits. Your dodge game needs to be on point here. Keep sprinting at all times to avoid getting hit as you finish the Sirens down.

Beating Roxy and Jetty here will take them out completely, leaving only Scylla to be dealt with.

Phase 3

With her band out, Scylla now only does a single move: summoning lesser enemies. She’s completely vulnerable during this phase, so use whichever burst you have left to finish it quickly. Selene blessings, such as Total Eclipse, may instantly finish the battle here if they land.

She occasionally hides inside the shell before pulling out more enemies, but there is little to nothing new here. Just be careful with those small pests, as they can hurt a lot if you don’t dodge them. But Scylla herself won’t do anything more until you finally vanquish her.

You get a Pearl for defeating her, which serves as an ingredient for incantations back in the encampment. And don’t worry if she beats you at first. Multiple bosses are always tough at first, but once you get some upgrades and better Arcana combinations, Scylla and the Sirens will be a small fry in your pan.

And that’s how you beat Scylla in Hades II.

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