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How to Find and Beat Uh-Oh in Hades 2

Not the tiny vermin!

One of the most merciless, dreadful encounters from the first game returns in Hades 2 with the Uh-Oh boss fight. Yes, the Tiny Vermin is back and has some new tricks, but here’s what you need to overcome this fearsome creature.

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How to Encounter Uh-Oh (Tiny Vermin) in Hades 2

Uh-Oh is a random boss you can fight in the second area of the Underworld, Oceanus, in Hades II. He can randomly appear once you visit the zone enough times and defeat Scylla at least once. Players from the first game might remember the Tiny Vermin encounter in the Temple of Styx, which was unironically the scariest fight in the area. The same guy is back, although in a much tamer version.

Once these conditions have been met, you can randomly encounter Uh-Oh when entering any room with a skull icon. I found him during my fourth visit to Oceanus, and it took me a while until I met him again. Be aware of his presence whenever you’re going through the area, and avoid skull-marked rooms if don’t want to meet this terrifying beast.

When entering the room, Uh-Oh will scream at Melinoë and begin charging at her. Defeating it gives you the enhanced rarity Boon you were aiming for when going down this room, as well as unlocking some new dialogues back in the encampment. No special rewards related to this specific encounter, aside from the good old memories from the first game.

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How to Defeat Uh-Oh (Tiny Vermin) in Hades 2

Uh-Oh is a much more manageable version of the Tiny Vermin. Much like the original iteration, he has no invincibility period and won’t get new moves during battle. Thankfully, he has a lower HP bar due to being found in the second area. He still hits like a truck, though, so be careful when he does any of his moves. He mainly uses the following attacks:

  • Charge: Uh-Oh charges at Melinoë at high speed, dealing a lot of damage if he hits. Has a very fast windup animation and covers a lot of distance.
  • Pulsing Scream: Similar to the previous attack, but has a smaller distance and ends with a red pulsing attack around it. Avoid it at all costs.
  • Summon: Summons Wretched Pests that fill the room with bombs very quickly if they’re not dealt with.

The main problem in this fight is the sheer amount of hazards going for you. The room is constantly exploding from both the explosive barrels and the smaller bombs from enemies. All while you’re trying to dodge the main boss himself. Keep an eye on Uh-Oh at all times so you won’t get caught by his next dash. But never underestimate those hundred explosions going on at the same time.

Fighting it is easier with ranged weapons, as you risk getting hit by his charges as much. The Umbral Flames, even with their low base power, are incredibly useful here. The Sister Blades still have it easy by approaching with backstab attacks and running away. The Moonlight Axe has some long windup animations, which can be detrimental in this encounter, though.

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If you plan on fighting Uh-Oh or are afraid to encounter him, consider picking up some Demeter boons. Her ice debuffs will slow Uh-Oh down, giving you much more time to react to his charges. They can be good at hitting other enemies too, making your overall job easier.

His health is quite small, so powerful bursts of damage via certain Boons (Zeus, Hephaestus) are welcome. Using a powerful Selene boon can finish the battle quickly, if you happen to find her. You don’t really need those boons, but they make the battle much more manageable.

Once you bring Uh-Oh down, he might reappear in the future. Be aware of his possible future appearances, as there are always more methods to dealing with him.

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