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How to Beat the Large Mutant Mini Boss in Atomic Heart

Here is everything you need to know about how to beat the Large Mutant mini boss in Atomic Heart. Hint: Clear the room first!

Atomic Heart has its own version of Half-Life’s headcrabs, the result of a gardening experiment gone wrong. The resulting mutants — vegetables in charge of corpses — can be a pain. But you also have to tangle with an even nastier variety, the Large Mutant, the game’s second mini boss. This short guide will explain how to beat the Large Mutant mini boss in Atomic Heart.

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First, Clear Out the Room to Beat the Large Mutant Mini Boss in Atomic Heart

The Large Mutant is capable of kicking your bottom, but as an individual, he’s not the toughest foe the game throws at you. The problem is that the room where you fight him has other foes to contend with. This is not a one-on-one fight. So what do you do? You cheat.

Well, maybe not cheat exactly, but you can use knowledge your character shouldn’t have to make the fight much, much easier. Firstly, make sure you’ve saved your game using the red save machine. You should, ideally, be saving every time you go past one of these machines.

Then go in and fight the boss with the intent of losing. You’ll notice that a big door slams down, locking you in the room with him. Pay attention to exactly where that door is. Now, here’s the sneaky bit.

The Large Mutant won’t appear until you go past that door, so you can’t blast away at him from afar. What you can do is clear out a lot of the other enemies lurking in there. We’d recommend you use the Electro gun because it recharges and you won’t be wasting any ammo doing this. Your scan ability will help you spot enemies.

Use the Electro gun to fire at any regular mutants on the way to the boss room, luring them into the area near the save machine. Take them out as you see fit. There’s a sprout spitter, the mass on the wall that fires the flying headcrab-a-likes, so make sure you’ve taken that out.

Then get even closer, where you can see into the boss room. You’ll spot two sprout spitters on the left hand side of the wall. Kill them with a few Electro gun shots. You should also then be able to take out at least one other spitter, at the far end of the room.

Then lure out any regular mutants and kill them. Do the same to any sprouts flying around. Finally, head in and do the whole point of this Atomic Heart guide: take on and beat that Large Mutant mini boss. He’s got a ranged and a close-up attack, so be ready to dodge. We’d recommend you use your Frostbite skill to slow him down and take out any foes.

Then when you’ve got some breathing room, get behind him and hit the glowing orange spot with your axe or shotgun, using Frostbite to freeze him when possible. He will take damage from the front, but a few hits to the orange mass on his back will kill him.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Large Mutant mini boss in Atomic Heart. If you could use a refresher on encounters with the Vov-A6/CH Lab Tech, we have you covered there too.

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