Here is everything you need to know about how to beat the Vov-A6/CH Lab Tech miniboss in Atomic Heart, the first time or in repeat battles.

Atomic Heart throws plenty of opponents at you, but every now and then, it also pits you against a boss or miniboss. One such miniboss is the Vov-A6/CH Lab Tech, who will burn your face off as soon as look at you. So you might be wondering — how do you beat the Vov-A6/CH Lab Tech miniboss in Atomic Heart? Here’s the answer.

Beat the Vov-A6/CH Lab Tech Miniboss in Atomic Heart by Getting Behind Him

This Vov-A6/CH Lab Tech isn’t particularly tough to beat as long as you stay moving. Referred to by the facility’s staff as a Black Vovas, this guy will come at you like the regular Lab Tech robots, and he’ll telegraph his tougher attacks with a red circle. There’s no red circle to alert you to his laser mouth attack, so if you see his mouth start to glow, be ready to dodge. You can also interrupt his laser attack with your own strike, but it means getting in close before he fires it off.

Don’t bother using firearms — since the room you fight him in is relatively small, he’ll just close the distance. Instead, get behind him as much as you can and lay into him with the axe. Get a good few hits in and you should dispatch him. Job done, right?

Not exactly. Yes, this Vov-A6/CH Lab Tech is dead, but like in several games, this Atomic Heart miniboss will crop up every now and then as a regular opponent. Plus, the Black Vovas will often be accompanied by other enemies, other Lab Techs included. Should you trip an alarm, up to level 2, he may show up as one of the responding units.

So what do you do then? It’s tempting to concentrate on him, but if you can put some distance between him and you, do so and take out the other foes. Just keep one eye on him so you can dodge his blasts.

Then either do one of two things. Kill him using the earlier technique, or get so far away that he loses interest. The latter isn’t possible in every single situation, but like with the regular Lab Techs, you can then sneak up on him and use your glove to shut him down. The Frostbite ability is also very effective against him, letting you get in a good few hits while he’s frozen.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat the Vov-A6/CH Lab Tech miniboss in Atomic Heart, whether the first time or during recurring battles.

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