This strategy guide will explain how to beat the Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts, covering its weaknesses, stats, and the best weapons to use.

If you’ve picked up the action RPG Wild Hearts and have worked your way through the tutorial, you’ve likely come across your first main hunt target, the Ragetail. This Kemono is an oversized flower-covered rat that you’d never want to see roaming around in your kitchen. As the name implies, the Ragetail has a rather rage-inducing tail that it will use as a weapon to constantly batter you with. It’s a highly aggressive creature and can overwhelm you if you’re not sure how to tackle it. This strategy guide will explain how to beat the Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts, covering its weaknesses, stats, and the best weapons to use against it.

All Ragetail Weaknesses

All Kemono in Wild Hearts have element style attributes that they’re weak against but typically have certain attributes that are super effective against them. When looking at the Ragetail, it’s a wood-type Kemono with a 4-star (out of 5) weakness to the fire attribute, meaning if you can get your hands on a weapon that deals fire-attribute damage, the Ragetail is going to have a bad time against you.

In addition to attribute weaknesses, Kemono also have varying levels of weakness to certain types of physical damage. The Ragetail in particular has a 4-star weakness against slash damage (think Katana) and pummel damage (like the Maul).

Kemono in Wild Hearts also features multiple key body parts that receive additional damage when stuck. For the Ragetail, if you aim to hit its head, it has a 5-star weakness on that part, which means you’ll be doing additional damage every time you hit that spot. To be fair, most things have a 5-star weakness to being bashed in the head.

Here’s a handy chart to reference for the Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts, with strengths and weaknesses clearly labeled to help your strategy of how to beat it:

This strategy guide will explain how to beat the Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts, covering its weaknesses, stats, and the best weapons to use.

Best Weapons to Use on Ragetail

Based on the Ragetails weaknesses, any weapons you have with fire-attribute damage will be a good choice to use against it. If you don’t yet have access to a weapon with fire-attribute damage, the next best choice is to use a weapon that can do significant slash or pummel damage. For slash damage you could use either the Karakuri Katana or the Nodachi. To deal pummel damage you’ll want to go with the Maul. Other weapons like the Bow and Bladed Wagasa deal lunge damage, which isn’t as effective against the Ragetail.

Best Strategy to Beat Ragetail in Wild Hearts

The Ragetail is fast and aggressive, but it does have moments in-between its attacks where there is a lull. Taking advantage of those gaps to deal some damage is crucial to wearing it down. Even placing down some crates to jump off and deal bonus damage can work in-between Ragetail attacks. Just don’t get too greedy with your attacks, as if you go for too long of an attacking combo, you may still be halfway through attacking when it starts its next attack — and it will hit you for pretty significant chunks of damage.

Whilst the head is the Ragetail’s weakest spot to damage, it’s also dangerous to fight head on and you want to avoid trading blows with it where possible. Instead, it’s best to first go after one of its strongest weapons, its tail. Not only will you be safer circling around the Ragetail to attack its tail from behind, but after enough damage you can break its tail, which will deal a big chunk of damage and stop it from being able to attack you with it altogether. A bonus of breaking its tail is that it will net you extra Kemono material loot, some of which is only obtainable from the tail and crucial for crafting certain weapon and armor upgrades.

After dealing enough damage to the Ragetail, there will be periods where you knock it down or on to its side, and you will have time to get some extra hits in. This is the best chance to go for the head and really get that extra weak spot damage in. You can also make the most out of crates and bulwarks that you craft. Place them in front of yourself and let the Ragetail run into them, as these can often cause a stunning effect, giving you more opportunity to strike the head without risking taking any damage.

That summarizes all the weaknesses, strategy, and weapons you need to beat the fearsome Ragetail Kemono in Wild Hearts. Go grab your finest slashing and bashing weapons and farm yourself some Ragetail materials!

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