How to Build a Lego Ship in a Bottle


A YouTube video created by a talented Lego craftswoman demonstrates that it takes a steady hand, some homemade tools and a whole lot of patience to build a Lego ship in a bottle.

Building cool things in Lego is hard. Building them inside empty wine bottles? Much worse. It takes skill, determination and a willingness to disturb nearby small children with outbursts of extreme profanity. Yet armed with all of the above, plus a few small Lego blocks and a jug of really cheap wine, MOCpages member Julia Morley pulled it off and unlike many other ship-in-a-bottle builders, she’s not keeping her method a secret. In fact, she captured the entire building process on video.

“I designed the entire thing in Bricksmith and devised a way to build it back to front using only bricks that were able to fit through the neck of the bottle (mostly 2 pegs wide, but also plates that were 3 pegs wide),” Morley wrote on the SS Lego page, which also includes a photo of the tools she used to get the job done.

Maybe I’m an easy mark because I rarely had the patience to bother even matching brick colors in my admittedly-primitive creations, but I’m impressed. Nice work, Julia!

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