Here is everything you need to know about how to catch tuna in Dave the Diver in order to make a lot of money during tuna events.

How to Catch Tuna in Dave the Diver

Once you progress through Dave the Diver and get to the point where the game mentions a tuna party event to you, you’ll be able to unlock the ability to catch these massive, speedy fish. In order to make tons of money during the event, you’ll want to catch and serve as much tuna as possible for the duration of the event as tuna dishes will be valued much higher than normal, making it an excellent time to get some big profits in. There are just a couple of things you’ll need to make sure you’re catching plenty of tuna, so here is how to catch tuna in Dave the Diver.

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How to Catch Plenty of Tuna During the Tuna Party Event in Dave the Diver

After being notified of the tuna party event, the next time you go to dive in the afternoon, Cobra will let you know he has some things for you to try to help you catch some tuna. The first of which is a Steel Net Sensor Trap. You’ll be able to buy these periodically from Cobra’s store, and they will be the key to capturing high-quality tuna. The second tool, the Salvage Drone, is something granted to you by Cobra as a new piece of equipment that will feature in your iDiver app that you can then also upgrade to improve its effectiveness. Once you have these two things, you’ll be able to catch yourself some tuna.

Here is everything you need to know about how to catch tuna in Dave the Diver in order to make a lot of money during tuna events.

Tuna typically turn up in schools around pretty shallow areas. Simply find a school of them zooming around, move into a spot in their path just after they pass you, and set up one of your Steel Net Sensor Traps. Once the school comes back through, it will capture one of the tuna. Quickly swim over and hold the prompt button down to call in the Salvage Drone to collect the tuna and move out of the way before you get hit by the rest of the tuna as they come past again. You’ll gain roughly 21 pieces of tuna meat per tuna caught thanks to their massive size, which is plenty to work with to make thousands of gold each day during the tuna party event.

Here is everything you need to know about how to catch tuna in Dave the Diver in order to make a lot of money during tuna events.

Make sure you top up on Steel Net Sensor Traps every time you spot them in Cobra’s store and you’ll be able to catch plenty over the three-day event period. If you have tons of tuna in one day, you can also upgrade some of the dishes or research some more tuna dishes for Bancho to make. These higher-quality tuna dishes will net you even more money over the course of the event.

That’s all there is to know about how to catch yourself some nice beefy tuna to help you make bank during the tuna party event in Dave the Diver. Use your Steel Net Sensor Traps and your Salvage Drone, and you’ll be piling up tuna to use in no time!

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