Here is everything you need to know about changing the field of view (FOV) in Atomic Heart, for a wider screen experience.

Atomic Heart has a few different options to meddle with, particularly if you’re playing on the PC. But what if you want to change the FOV? Maybe you’ve got an ultra-widescreen monitor, or maybe you just want to tweak it anyway. If you want to know how to change field of view (FOV) in Atomic Heart, here’s the answer.

Use an External Program to Change Field of View (FOV) in Atomic Heart Now

If you’re playing Atomic Heart on console, you’re out of luck — there’s no option to alter FOV on PlayStation or Xbox. However, if you have a PC, you can change the field of view using an external program known as Flawless Widescreen.

You can download Flawless Widescreen online. Flawless Widescreen is easy to install, and it has Atomic Heart settings built in so you can increase the field of view by up to 40%. Or, by using the arrow keys or a steady mouse hand, you can increase it in increments of 1%.

However, while Flawless Widescreen is a very cool and very useful program, Atomic Heart developer Mundfish has plans to add an FOV slider to the game.

“We’re aware about the inquires to include FOV settings into the game and are glad to announce that the team is already working on it!” tweeted the developer. It stated it would be included in one of the nearest updates, but it has not given a precise time frame.

So, right now, you can only change field of view on the PC, using an external program. But if Mundfish delivers, all versions of the game should be getting a built-in FOV slider.

That’s everything you need to know about changing the field of view in Atomic Heart.

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