If you are wondering if there are DLCs for FPS adventure Atomic Heart, here’s the full answer to all DLC questions.

Are There DLCs for Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart sends you on a journey through a cursed research facility, complete with killer robots, mutants, and much more. But once the credits roll, what if you want more Atomic Heart content? If you are wondering if there are DLCs for Atomic Heart, here’s the answer to all DLC questions.

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You’ll Have to Wait for the Story DLC, but Yes, There Are DLCs for Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart is a little off the wall and has been a little divisive. In our 3 Minute Review we described it as “artistically bold and bizarre from start to finish.” But is there more Atomic Heart DLC? Yes, there are some cosmetic DLCs out right now, and there’s story DLC in development.

Based on what Mundfish and publisher Focus Entertainment have revealed, there’ll be “four DLCs, opening up access to new areas and labs as well as new weapons, new enemies, bosses and more!” So it looks very much as if, instead of the DLC taking place after the game, it will instead slot into the existing story, as new locations within Facility 3826.

When will you be playing the new content? Focus and Mundfish haven’t confirmed that yet. Based on how other companies have handled DLC, we’d expect them to arrive in the space of the next year to year and a half.

You can purchase the Atomic Pass right now, which will automatically entitle you to those four pieces of DLC. The Atomic Pass is also included in some editions of the game — find out more in our explanation of Atomic Heart preorder bonuses.

Bought separately, the pass costs $39.99, and while the full game is available via Game Pass, the Atomic Pass content very likely won’t. However, until you learn more, you are paying up front for DLC without knowing a) precisely what it is or b) whether it’ll be any good or not. It’s a slight gamble.

So what DLC is out right now? As far as in-game content goes, if you haven’t already acquired them through a preorder, these are currently on offer:

  • Midas Glove Skin
  • Labor & Science Weapon Skin Pack
  • Golden Age Weapon Skin Pack

They’re priced around $5.00 each and change the look of some of your weapons. And… that’s all. We can’t say they’re really worth the price — yes, they’re nice preorder bonuses, but $5.00 each?

So, if you’re wondering if there are DLCs for Atomic Heart, the answer is that there’s cosmetic DLC out now and story / combat DLC coming at some point in the future.

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