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How to Change to Third Person in Starfield

Change perspective in starfield

Starfield is bringing some sci-fi FPS action goodness to us from Bethesda. Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the next big epic game from the studio and this is it. Whether you’re running around gunning down people on the many, many planets in Starfield or flying around in your spaceship dogfighting enemy pilots there is plenty of action to be found. One feature that is easy to overlook but is actually incredibly useful is the ability to swap from first person to third person view. You don’t have to stay in first person mode and you can swap to third person whenever you like.

How to Change Perspectives in Starfield

To swap to the third person perspective, on PC all you have to do is hit Mouse 3 (scroll wheel click). If you’re rocking an Xbox controller, it’s the View button (the one that looks like two squares overlapping). This key can be remapped to whatever you prefer in the settings as well. Using this change perspective button will swap you between first person, third person, and a more zoomed out third person. While using this with your character it can make it easier to see your surroundings. You can also use it to peek around corners which is very handy.

Change perspective in starfield

The same applies for when you’re in your spaceship. Simply press the button to change your perspective and boom, you’re flying your spaceship in third person. This one is arguably the best use case for the third person perspective. I found it often difficult to keep track on enemy spacecraft in first person. Swapping to third person made a world of difference in tracking and shooting down other spaceships. So if you’re struggling with space combat, try using third person.

Starfield change perspective in spaceship

That’s how you change between first person and third person perspectives in Starfield. Everything plays and looks great in first person, but there are certainly times when it’s easier to use third person like in space combat.

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