Diablo IV Classes Campfire

Diablo 4 by Blizzard entertainment is the next entry into the Diablo series, arriving after an 11-year gap since the launch of Diablo 3. Currently anyone who has pre-ordered a copy of Diablo 4 can play the beta early, from March 17 – 19, assuming you can get through the login queue. Diablo 4 brings a lot of new features and improvements, and one that people are excited for is emotes!

How to Cheer in Diablo 4

Ever had a really good time running some rifts with friends or strangers and finally got that epic loot drop you’d been farming for days, which made you want to cheer afterwards with your party? Well now you can! Diablo 4 introduces an emoting system so that you can greet players, cheer with them, or (my favorite) taunt them.

Using the new emoting system is quite simple. You can press the ‘E’ key to bring up an action wheel, which also has other useful features such as the ability to invite players to the party or invite them to trade with you. There are a bunch of slots that you can use and even two other action pages you can use the mouse scroll wheel to navigate through.

To add new actions and emotes, simply bring up the action wheel with ‘E’ and then click the customize option. In this menu you’ll find the full list of available actions and emotes. Simply choose the emote you want – in the example below we chose Cheer — and then in the area below, choose which part of the action wheel you want to use and then click on one of the tiles to save your choice. Once you’re happy with your selection don’t forget to hit ‘save changes’ before you close the menu!

That’s how you use the action wheel and emoting system. Now you too can cheer alongside your party as you crush demons for that sweet loot in Diablo 4.

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