How to clear the red mist in Redfall

How to Clear The Red Mist in Redfall

Redfall gives you more to worry about than just vampires and their cultists. You’ll also encounter areas of red mist theat will eat away at your health. Luckily, there’s a way to deal with this toxic hazard. Here’s how to clear the red mist in Redfall.

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Before You Can Clear The Mist, You Need A Special Weapon

To clear the mist, you’ll need a UV Beam Gun. Thankfully, they’re not hard to find. Your best bet is to look inside the big Bellwether crates. Once you’ve found one, head to an area of red mist and, first of all, clear any enemies who are lurking around. 

Then, you need to destroy the mist generators. These are strange, immobile figures, resembling nothing so much as grotesque statues. These will be placed within the mist but, most of the time, you should be able to see and zap them from outside. 

Once you spot one, switch to your UV beam gun. Then, aim a beam at the statue and fire — you should hear it scream. If not, you’re not close enough. Keep firing until the mist dissipates.

That’s your cue to run up to the mist generator, which will have turned to stone, and melee it (or shoot it), destroying it for good. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, there’s a catch.

What If You Can’t See The Mist Generators?

You may find some of the generators tough to spot, particularly if the red mist field is flat and even. In these cases, try to move to higher ground so you can look down. Chances are you will have picked up a sniper rifle by this point, so use that to zoom and spot the generator. 

We did, on one occasion, encounter a generator that had clipped partway into the ground. We’re not sure if this was a glitch or a design decision, but we had to wade into the mist and zap it close up. 

But that’s a rarity. Most of the time, using the UV Beam Gun from a short distance away should be enough to neutralize the mist generators and let you destroy them. And that’s how to clear the red mist in Redfall

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