How to Complete Where in the System is Archie in Destiny 2

Forget the Witness, our dog is missing!

Archie’s the best boy in the galaxy and we won’t stop until we find him. Here’s how to find Archie and complete Where in the System is Archie in Destiny 2.

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How to Find Archie in Destiny 2

Archie is undoubtedly the best thing that’s ever happened to the Guardian. But if you look at the Triumphs for Into the Light, you’ll find that Archie is at the center of the Secret mission, and it looks like he’s gone missing! Each week, he’ll be visiting a new location and you’ll have to follow a series of clues to find his hideaway. For a more in-depth explanation, read on.

As of April 23, Archie’s quest has officially kicked off!

How to Find Archie in the Tower in Destiny 2

On April 23, our favorite robot pooch has vanished! But finding Archie in the tower is easy as visiting these locations:

  • The ramen shop in the Bazaar
  • Cayde’s Memorial in the Courtyard
  • The Security Checkpoint in the Hangar
  • The mainframe room in the Hangar

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To officially kick off this quest, examine the green paw prints in the Annex outside of Ada-1’s room. Then, speak to Ada. You won’t be able to find Archie or his prints until you officially accept the ‘Where in the Tower is Archie?’ quest from her.

Once you do, make a beeline to the top floor of the Annex. There, near the stairs, you’ll find the ramen shop. Enter the shop to find a set of green paws. If you’re having a hard time locating it, it’s just before the pathway that leads to the courtyard and opposite Ikora. You’ll see an Eliksni outside of it, and a neon ramen sign within the little nook of a shop.

Examine the prints, and you’ll be told that Archie is going to pay his respects to a famous gunslinger. This gunslinger is none other than Cayde!

Head to the Courtyard and find the Ironwood Tree near Zavala. Beside the Ironwood Tree is a memorial to Cayde-6. Examine the green pawprints, and you’ll be told that Archie went to the security checkpoint to salute a feathered friend.

Head to the Hangar and and turn right before you reach Saint-14. There, you’ll find a little alcove with a set of green pawprints. Examine these pawprints, and you’ll find that Archie has wandered into an open airduct in the hangar.

From where you’ve found Archie’s pawprints in the Hangar, turn around to look at the wall. You’ll find a set of stairs that lead upward. Follow the stairs, then look left. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see the path we’ll need to take to find Archie.

Follow the metal pathway forward, then left, then left again. Jump over the railing and onto the pipes. From here, you’ll need to make a running jump to reach the next pathway. Once you do, you’ll be able to enter a giant air duct. The air duct will lead you into a secret room. But Archie isn’t here! Instead, look beside the air duct’s entrance to find a dark door that leads to another air duct.

Enter this air duct and drop down. Once you reach the end, jump up and you’ll find yourself in an even more secret room! Archie is waiting for you. Pet him, and he’ll teleport away. You just need to return to Ada-1 to collect your prize: 10 Brave Tokens and an expired Ramen Coupon. You can’t use it, but it’s the thought that counts. What a good boy!

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