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How to Defeat the Final Boss in Amnesia: The Bunker


While playing Amnesia: The Bunker, you’ll spend a lot of time getting chased around by a monster and even more just hiding from it. But you do eventually have to take it on, face-to-face, with nowhere to hide. So, if you’ve reached that final showdown and want to know how to defeat the final boss in Amnesia: The Bunker, I’ve got the answer.

The Quickest Way to Defeat Amnesia: The Bunker’s Final Boss.

The boss fight takes place in a massive room with walkways suspended over a bottomless pit. Some of these walkways are made out of stone, while others are wood. To defeat the boss you simply need to destroy one of the wooden bridges so that it falls into the pit. There’s one very easy way to do this.

First, you’ll need the toy rabbit from the crater in the Roman Tunnels. If you’ve not got that, go back and get it; it’ll make things a lot easier. You’ll also need a frag grenade. If you’ve not got one, there’s one on the top upper left pit platform.

Now, throw the rabbit onto one of the wooden bridges/walkways (the boss has meaning to… well, I won’t spoil it). You need to do that well before the boss reaches there. When the monster stops, throw a frag grenade and it’ll plunge into the pit. Easy. 

How to Defeat the Final Boss in Amnesia: The Bunker - Get the rabbit toy

If you don’t want to do it that way (and have more than one grenade to hand), the alternative is to run around all the walkways, keeping far enough away that the boss doesn’t catch up. Then, using the wheels on a couple of the stone platforms, raise the stone bridges. 

You’re trying to make it so that the monster has to cross a wooden bridge. Once you’ve done that, use the grenade to blow up the bridge as they cross. Timing is crucial here because it can jump back before the bridge collapses. 

Can You Just Shoot the Boss Until It Dies?

No, and some of the messages you find underline how unkillable the creature is. Besides which, you’ve probably already burnt, shotgunned, and gassed the monster. Blowing up the wooden bridges is the only way to get rid of it. 

On the subject of how to defeat the final boss in Amnesia: The Bunker, that’s how to do it. 

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