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How to Defeat the Truck Hermit Crab Boss in Dave the Diver

How to Defeat the Truck Hermit Crab Boss in Dave the Diver

On a dark and stormy night in Dave the Diver you’ll get a challenging request from Sato — the chunky, disheveled Ash Ketchum knockoff. He will pedal his boat over and ask you to go after a rare monster card by diving into the whirlpool that appears in the Giant Blue Hole on stormy nights. Make sure you’re well prepared before you dive and upgrade any gear if you have the money to do so because when you enter the whirlpool, you’ll find yourself taken straight into a boss fight. You’ll be facing off against the large Truck Hermit Crab boss of Dave the Diver, and this is how you defeat it. 

How to Beat the Truck Hermit Crab in Dave the Diver

When you get thrown into the boss area, swim to the right by the large truck on the seafloor to trigger the boss fight. The Truck Hermit Crab Boss will stand up and prepare to fight. 

The key to this fight is to swim up high, staying above the reach of the crab’s claws. You’ll want to get just close enough to be in shooting range of the creature’s eyes, as shooting them will cause the boss to momentarily retreat into its shell. As it does this, quickly dive to the bottom of the arena and you should see an explosive barrel that has spawned. Using the special gloves you got earlier in the game, you’ll be able to pick it up. You’ll need to quickly swim up with it, position yourself above the Truck Hermit Crab, and then drop the barrel on top of it to cause an explosion.

After repeating this a few times, you’ll trigger the second phase of the fight where the Truck Hermit Crab will become much more aggressive. It will swing at you more often and start raising its claws to try to block you from shooting it in the eyes, making the task more tricky. You’ll need some good maneuvering to get your shots in to allow you to get the explosive barrels. Just be aware that in this phase, the boss will retreat into its shell for a much shorter amount of time, so you’ll have to be on the ball while grabbing and dropping the barrel. 

You’ll likely be taking a fair bit of damage in this part, so if you need to, pull back and dive down to the bottom of the area. There, you’ll find some ammo and extra air in a corner to give you enough of a boost to finish the fight. 

After a few more explosions, the boss will go down and you’ll be able to gather the materials from it. You’ll also obtain the Super Rare Boss Card to go back and show off to Sato, completing the quest.

That’s how you defeat the Truck Hermit Crab Boss in Dave the Diver: shoot it in the eyes, drop some bombs on it, and you’ll have a cooked Crab in no time! And if you’re looking for more tips to make it through the game, make sure to take a look through our collection of guides

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