Resident Evil 4 remake blue medallion farm location

How to Destroy All the Blue Medallions in The Farm In Resident Evil 4 Remake

Returning from the original game, Resident Evil 4 remake tasks you with destroying blue medallions in a variety of places throughout the game. The very first side quest to destroy blue medallions that you find is located in the village’s Farm area. This quest tasks you with finding and shooting five blue medallions in the Farm location. Here’s how to activate the mission and locate the five blue medallions in Resident Evil 4 remake’s Farm.

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All Blue Medallions in the Farm in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To activate the quest, you need to locate and read the Blue Note in this area.

The note is located outside the gatehouse and mill at the north end of the Farm. Read it to start the quest. Doing so will mark the medallions on your map.

Farm blue medallion 1 quest location

Resident Evil 4 Remake Blue Medallion Farm map locations


The first of the medallions is located on the back corner of the outside of the first shed you see.

It is the same shed that houses the typewriter. Simply walk around outside and look at the north corner. This medal is low enough to hit with your knife.

Farm blue medallion 1 location


The second medallion is in the livestock barn in the middle of the map.

It is hiding behind the first strut on the left. Shoot it from outside (hop the fence), or hit it with your knife from inside.

Farm blue medallion 2 location


The fourth medallion is in the locked two story barn to the north, dangling in the big window at the front.

You can either shoot it from outside, or wait until you enter the barn and look straight across at it.

Farm blue medallion 4 location


The final medallion is near the large gatehouse at the north.

Enter the gatehouse, climb up the ladder, and you should find yourself in a room with a locked door that needs an item to open. In this room there is another door and an opening. Go through the unlocked door and drop down outside. Immediately turn around and you should see it above a breakable barrel.

Farm blue medallion 5 location

And that’s the first blue medallion-destroying quest in Resident Evil 4 remake completed. Don’t forget to check in with the merchant for your reward – a handy three Spinels.

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