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How to Disarm Traps in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Disarm Traps in Resident Evil 4 Remake bear traps tripwire trap shoot stab

One of the most prevalent tricks the Resident Evil 4 remake throws at players, especially in the early hours, is traps. If you’re a newcomer or an old fan who forgot about them, here is how you can disarm these inconvenient traps in the Resident Evil 4 remake before they lead to your death.

How to Disarm Bear Traps and Tripwires in Resident Evil 4 Remake

There are two types of traps to watch out for in Resident Evil 4, bear traps and tripwires. For bear traps, you’ll need to keep an eye on the ground since these rusty traps can blend in well with the highly detailed environment. Meanwhile, you’ll hear the tripwires before you see them thanks to the loud beeping noises they emit. If you hear them, slowly examine the environment for a bright yellow box with a flashing red light. If you see it, then that means there’s a silver wire coming out of it, and you’ve discovered your trap.

To disarm the bear trap, you can either shoot it or slash it with your knife. If you decide to shoot it, shoot it with a gun you have a lot of ammo for, like a pistol. You could theoretically use a meatier weapon like a shotgun to disarm it, but shotgun shells are more valuable resources compared to the pistol ammo the game throws at you. You could also use the knife to disarm it, which will save ammo, but you also run the risk of getting stuck in the trap trying to break it.

If you do get caught in a trap, it’s more of a minor setback as you’re immobilized for a few seconds, then break free, permanently disarming it as well. The problem with this is if you’re in the middle of a combat encounter, like in the village section in Chapter 1, then you’ll almost certainly be swarmed by a horde of enemies and die a painful chainsaw-related death. And no, enemies cannot set off bear traps, so don’t think about trying to lure one into a trap and wailing at them while they’re immobilized.

As for tripwires, you can disarm them by either shooting at the silver tripwire or having an enemy walk into them; either method causes a detonation. The first method is reliable, though again, make sure you’re using a gun that you have a lot of ammo for, and make sure you’re standing far away. The best way, and the most fun way, is to have enemies walk into the tripwires. If you lure them into one, they’ll take a huge amount of damage and the explosion could damage nearby enemies, allowing you to save on a plethora of ammo. If you accidentally detonate the tripwire, you’ll be the one taking a decent chunk of damage, so make sure you keep your ears open for the telltale beeping.

That is everything you need to know about how to disarm bear traps and tripwires in the Resident Evil 4 remake!

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