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How to do the Infinite Item Glitch in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Tears of the Kingdom item duplication glitch

Want to make money fast in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Or do you feel like filling your pockets with diamonds and strutting around like you own the world? Whatever your reason, there’s a sneaky little bug in Link’s latest adventure that will let you do just that. So if you want to know how to do the infinite item glitch in Tears of the Kingdom, we’ve got the answer. In fact, we have two answers!

UPDATE: These glitches, as well as a more recently discovered glitch, have all been blocked by Tears of the Kingdom update 1.1.2. So if you’re prompted to update the game, we’d recommend you say no, at least if you want to use this exploit.

Here’s How to Infinitely Duplicate Any Item That Can Be Fused to an Arrow in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

The infinite item glitch, which still hasn’t been patched out as of v1.1.1, will let you duplicate almost any material. I say almost because, try as I might, I couldn’t get this bug to work with opals, even though it worked absolutely fine with diamonds and various other items.

To take advantage of this infinite item glitch you’ll need two bows, at least one arrow, and the material that you want to duplicate.

Tears of the Kingdom diamond duplication glitch

Here’s what to do to duplicate a fusible item, using the infinite item glitch.

  1. Equip any bow.
  2. Press and hold the ZR button to nock and aim an arrow.
  3. Holding ZR, press and hold up on the D-pad. This will open the fuse menu.
  4. Still with ZR and D-pad up pressed, use the right joystick to select an item to fuse — a diamond for example.
  5. Keep the ZR button held and release D-pad up.
  6. Hit the cross/plus button to take you to the pause/equipment menu. Go to the page that shows Link’s bows (L and R) and select your equipped bow with A. Choose ‘Drop’.
  7. Now, select another bow and choose Equip.
  8. Quickly, very quickly, tap the cross/plus button twice.
  9. You should now see that the item is fused to the new bow’s arrow.
  10. Go to the bow you currently have equipped and drop that.
  11. Finally, unpause and pick up both bows. You’ll have an extra of whichever item you chose to duplicate.

The key here is speed. If you’re having trouble, keep trying! The glitch is hard to pull off and requires very fast fingers.

Tears of the Kingdom item duplication animated.

You can repeat this glitch as many times as you like and sell whatever duplicates you make. Diamonds are one of the best items to clone because they sell for 500 Rupees each.

Here’s Another Way to Duplicate Items in Tears of the Kingdom

There’s also another way of duplicating items which has been discovered and it lets you copy materials quicker than even the first glitch. In order to pull this off you have to have reached the point in the main quest where you’ve obtained the paraglider. Also, you’ll need to be standing on top of a small ledge or slope.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Select the item you want to duplicate and drop every single item on the floor. Then, pick them up, which will put the item in the last slot in your inventory.
  2. Leap off a ledge, hit X again to open your paraglider and then hit cross/plus to pause.
  3. Select any item which you only have one of, and choose hold.
  4. Next, hold the item you want to duplicate. If you have more than one, hold as many of that item as you can.
  5. Double tap the cross/plus key. Link will drop all the items but you’ll quickly be returned to the pause menu.
  6. The item that you only had one of will be gone but the items you were duplicating will still be there. They’ve been dropped without being subtracted from your inventory.
  7. Repeat steps 3-5, again using any item you only have one of. Do this until you land.
  8. Now, go and pick up all the dropped items which will include multiple copies of the duplicated item.

In true Doctor Strange style, the warnings come after the guide. First of all, this works without you putting the item to duplicate in the last inventory slot, but we’ve heard stories of this causing items to disappear so we’d stick to the last inventory slot.

Secondly, while we’ve had no problems with this, it’s been suggested that you only repeat steps 3-5 around five times. Then, start the whole thing again. And make sure you do this on a low ledge otherwise you’ll be chasing your items down a hill.

So, of those two methods, the first is generally safer but the second lets you duplicate up to four items at once, potentially twenty in one flight. So the latter is a much faster way of getting rich.

On the subject of how to do infinite item glitchs in Tears of the Kingdom, that’s what you need to know. If you need more help, check out some of our other guides for Tears of the Kingdom.

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