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How to Evade in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Here is all you need to know about how to evade or perfect (precision) evade in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to survive glowing red attacks.

Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gives you Jedi powers and a handy dandy lightsaber, enough to give a lot of enemies a run for their money. But some of the bad guys are able to hit so hard that dodging is the best option. So if you want to know how to evade attacks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, here is the answer.

It’s Easy to Evade in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Performing an evade is fairly easy: just tap the evade button / key, which is B on an Xbox controller. You’ll quickly hop back. You can also use evade in combination with a direction, so holding the left stick and the evade button will make you evade left.

Evade helps you dodge enemy attacks, in particular glowing red attacks. Cal is good at blocking attacks with his lightsaber, but red attacks can’t be blocked. So when you see an opponent light up red, evade or you’ll be on the receiving end of a very damaging attack.

Here is all you need to know about how to evade or perfect (precision) evade in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to survive glowing red attacks.

What Are Perfect Evades and How Do You Perform Them?

Perfect evades, or precision evades as the game also calls them, involve hitting the evade button just as an enemy attacks. It’s a little like parrying in that timing is very important. Luckily, if you go to a meditation point, you can access the training activities in Jedi: Survivor and practice a perfect evade in the advanced techniques.

If you pull off a perfect evade, you get some of your Force energy back. But if you evade too late, you’ll take damage. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth the risk. You can return to the training menu if you want to keep on practicing until you’ve got the hang of perfect evades.

And that’s the answer to how to evade in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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