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How To Exterminate the Savage Mutt in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Sidequests are a new addition to the remake of Resident Evil 4 and while some are simple affairs like shooting some targets or selling select items to the Merchant, some sidequests will have you taking on a sizeable miniboss. The first of the minibosses you can face in Resident Evil 4 is the Savage Mutt in the village portion of the game, and here’s how you can best take it out!

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How to Kill the Savage Mutt Miniboss in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To make the Mutt appear, you first need to activate the sidequest in Chapter 5 once you escape from the Church. You can find out how in our guide to solving the stained glass puzzle.

The sidequest tasks you with going to the Village Chief’s Manor to exterminate the dog, but if you make your way there you won’t find the Mutt immediately. The Mutt will appear once you enter the house and start poking around the attic, which you can do now that you have Ashley in tow. Once you leave the manor, when making your way back to the village you’ll see a pair of red eyes peeking through the fence before running off. The Mutt is watching you and will appear next in the village square. 

Location of the Savage Mutt in Resident Evil 4 remake

The Savage Mutt is tough for this point in the game and even tougher if you try to run into the center of the square to fight it. Given all of the various different places it can run around and attack you in, as well as the chance of other enemies joining the fight and surrounding you, you’ll want to fight the Mutt on your terms. 

Bait it into the pathway that leads to the Village Chief’s Manor you just came from. The road is fairly narrow, meaning the Mutt won’t be able to run around as easily, giving you the ability to pelt it with your weapons. You’ll want to hit it fast and hard, so use your rifle and shotgun to whittle it down. The Mutt can quickly jump from side to side, so if it’s not stuck in the pathway it’ll hop around frequently to try to make you waste your ammo. If a group of enemies show up, shift to using grenades to do as much damage as possible or the TMP to try and stagger enemies for a melee strike. The Mutt is going to take some time to kill, but it will go down eventually. Never turn your back on it though because it will pounce you quickly and start to lay on the damage. 

Once it dies, head on back to the Merchant and collect your reward, a solid eight Spinel. And that’s how to exterminate the Savage Mutt in the Resident Evil 4 remake!

If you’re looking for more pointers on side quests or just general tips to play the Resident Evil 4 remake, check out our other guides.

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