Sons of the Forest pistol location

Sons of the Forest lets you craft bows, arrows, and clubs, but what’s really handy for getting an edge on the game’s foes is a pistol. The only problem is that, while you’ve been sent in to rescue a missing billionaire, neither you or your fellow team members seem to be armed. So you might be wondering how to find the pistol in Sons of the Forest. Here’s the answer.

The pistol is Just Off the Beach, in a Life Raft. But the Sharks Might be a Bit of a Problem

To find Sons of the Forest’s pistol you need to get your GPS out and, with the mountains to the north, look for the purple tag that’s out in the ocean. That’s where you’ll find the life raft, and aboard it you’ll find both a pistol and a portable GPS locator. 

Sons of the Forest pistol location GPS

In fact, once you get to the beach and look in that direction it’s hard to miss. The snag is you have to get out there and there are sharks in the water. We’d recommend you set up a shelter on the beach and save. We’d also recommend you search the island for plenty of pistol ammo. You’ll find out why in a minute. 

Then, swim towards the raft. If you see a fin break the surface between you and the raft we’d recommend you swim back towards the beach, to shallower waters, then wait a minute or two and try again. Once you reach the raft without being eaten, grab the pistol, the GPS locator, and any other items that take your fancy.

Now you have to swim back, but this should be much easier. Using the ammo you hopefully brought with you, shoot the shark. You might need to hit it a few times, but eventually you’ll see it die and float to the surface. Do not swim anywhere until you know it’s dead. 

Unlike Stranded Deep, this life raft can’t be towed back to shore, plus it’s got some worryingly large holes in it. Once you’ve taken everything you need there’s no reason to come back. So, time to leave. 

Wait a little longer to make sure there are no other sharks around. We’ve only ever encountered one doing this, but better safe than sorry. Then, swim back to the shore, as fast as you reasonably can. 

Now, the pistol is yours. There’s plenty of ammo scattered around the island and, especially if you assign the weapon to a hotkey, it’ll help you see off a lot of enemies. It can also be upgraded if you can get your hands on the parts. 

So, that’s how to find the pistol in Sons of the Forest.

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