If you have a companion like Kelvin stuck somewhere in Sons of the Forest, here are a few different ways to fix it and get him unstuck.

If you’ve been playing the epic survival horror game Sons of the Forest by Endnight Games, you may have run into some issues with your companions getting stuck in different situations. Since it’s still early days for the game, there are quite a few kinks being ironed out by the developers, but there are some things that can be done to rescue your hapless companions from places they get stuck in. If you have a Kelvin companion stuck somewhere in Sons of the Forest, read on for how to fix it!

What to Do When Companions Like Kelvin Get Stuck in Sons of the Forest

While Kelvin is a great companion, he does have a habit of getting himself stuck every now and then. Here are some situations he can get stuck in and how to get him out.

How to Fix Kelvin Being Stuck in the Water

If Kelvin has decided to go for a swim because your base is located near a body of water or he’s gone out for a spot of fishing but went too far out, chances are he will get stuck. Restarting the game can often resolve the issue, but not always. If you’ve restarted and Kelvin is still stuck, there are two more methods that you can try.

I’ve had success going into the water and drawing myself next to Kelvin; it prompts him to save you, and you should both end up back on shore. If that for some reason doesn’t work, put on your hiking boots and go for a long, long walk, and eventually it should respawn Kelvin near you.

How to Fix Kelvin Being Stuck in a Cave

The first thing you can try much like with the previous issue is giving the game a restart and seeing if he comes right after that. If that doesn’t work, you can try sleeping in a tent, as when you wake up it will sometimes reset his position. If none of those work, you can try the walking method — get far away from the cave and see if it respawns Kelvin next to you.

If you plan on going near water or caves with your Kelvin, be wary that those are the most common situations your companions can get stuck in Sons of the Forest. But if you forget and they do get stuck, hopefully one of these methods will help you to rescue your Kelvin in distress!

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