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How to Fix ‘Connecting to Your Account’ Issue in Minecraft Legends

If you are stuck on the issue of Connecting to Your Account in Minecraft Legends, here are the steps you can take for how to fix it.

Mojang Studios refreshed its Minecraft formula yet again with the release of action-strategy game Minecraft Legends on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC. Anytime someone picks up a new game, it means new possibilities, new challenges, and also a new suite of bugs and technical problems. Some players are running into a fresh problem with Minecraft Legends, the issue of being stuck on “Connecting to Your Account” when trying to play the Mojang game, so here is how you can fix it.

Patience and a Restart Are Likely to Fix the “Connecting to Your Account” Problem in Minecraft Legends

Whenever you run into a problem in any video game — Minecraft Legends included — the first thing you should do is just quit and restart the game to see if it fixes the problem. That genuinely might do the trick for you here. If not, it is also worth keeping an eye on Minecraft Legends Twitter or the Minecraft Legends website to see if Mojang has announced there are server problems it is working through. Likewise, in the early days of any game with a strong online component, server problems are a common issue. It’s entirely possible just waiting a few minutes and trying again will resolve your “Connecting to Your Account” problem in Minecraft Legends.

If a reset or simply waiting out the issue doesn’t fix it, and Mojang hasn’t broadcast that there is ongoing server maintenance, then you may want to investigate more technical solutions. Firstly, you should make sure that your own internet connection isn’t the problem. You can run an internet speed test directly through Google to confirm there is nothing out of the ordinary, for instance. You can also reset your home router. If you use a VPN, you’ll probably want to turn that off as well, as it could be interfering with your ability to connect with Minecraft Legends servers — hence your “connecting to your account” problem that you’re trying to fix!

Finally, if you’re playing on PC, you can try clearing your cache data in the relevant Minecraft Legends folder and restarting the game. If you try all of these things, you should probably be able to resolve and fix your “Connecting to Your Account” issue in Minecraft Legends.

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