If you are wondering how to fix error code 300008 or 300202 in Diablo 4 beta testing in character creation, here is the full answer per Blizzard.

In any game that allows robust character creation, that aspect almost always becomes one of the best parts. It was certainly true in the Street Fighter 6 beta, anyway. It can be a fun aspect of Diablo 4 too — if you don’t run into any bugs. Errors like error code 300008 and 300202 can appear in Diablo 4 beta testing when you are trying to complete character creation, and if you are wondering how to fix them, here is the bummer answer.

Persistence Is the Only Answer for How to Fix Error Code 300008 or 300202 in Diablo 4 Beta Testing

As is the case with some other errors currently afflicting the beta, the only real answer for how to conquer error code 300008 or 300202 is to wait it out and try again. Mercifully, these bugs are a little less annoying than an error like code 316719, which is likely to occur during leveling up, but it’s still frustrating to hit a bug and then have to wait through queues in overstuffed servers to get another chance to play.

However, Blizzard is doing its best to keep on top of problems and fix them where possible — or at least ensure that they do not persist into the final release this June on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. The developer is keeping a running list of major known issues across PC and console versions, if you would like to consult it.

So, when it comes to character creation bugs, persistence is the only answer as to how to fix error code 300008 or 300202 in Diablo 4 beta testing. It’s fitting that a game like Diablo 4 should send you through hell in order to find paradise.

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