If you want to know how to fix the white outline around a character or objects in Hogwarts Legacy, here is how to turn them off.

While Hogwarts Legacy players have been enjoying exploring Hogwarts castle grounds, some players have noticed a frustrating feature that leaves characters and other objects highlighted with a white outline. This is meant to assist players with identifying the character or item location, but it can break the immersion for some gamers. So is there a way to fix this feature?

All You Have to Do to Fix the White Outline Around a Character in Hogwarts Legacy Is to Turn It Off

After numerous players requested a change, Warner Bros. announced that it was introducing a simple way to remove the white outline by toggling it off. To do so, simply hit the pause button and head to the Settings menu, and turn the outline to off.

If you find you might need the outline back in specific moments, like during combat or while searching for specific items, you can always go back into Settings and re-toggle the white outline to on once more.

So, that’s the simple way how you fix the white outline around characters in Hogwarts Legacy! Next up, if you want to know how to get rid of scary spiders in the game, we can help with that too.

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