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How to Get and Build Battle Armor in Sand Land

If you prefer grappling with large enemies using fisticuffs instead of Sand Land‘s typical ranged tank-style combat, then Battle Armor is the bot for you. Here’s how to get and build Battle Armor in Sand Land.

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How to Get Battle Armor in Sand Land

You’ll automatically unlock Battle Armor in Sand Land as you progress through the main story. After reaching Forest Land for the first time, you’ll soon start the “Rescue Mission!” main quest, where you’ll need to sneak into an army base. As you make your grand escape from the base, you’ll hop into a suit of Battle Armor, which you’ll permanently keep and can customize after the mission ends.

If you’ve been exploring Sand Land thoroughly, it’s possible you picked up some Battle Armor parts early in the game. Naturally, you can build a Battle Armor bot from scratch, but you’ll first need to find a Battle Armor frame to do so, which can be difficult to obtain. In my time with Sand Land, I only came across Battle Armor frames through bounties that didn’t become available until after the story-related Battle Armor bot was already unlocked.

Where to Get a Battle Armor Frame and Parts

You can get a Battle Armor frame as a reward for completing bounties in Sand Land—namely the Man of Iron Nabby John bounty. This bounty can be repeated to obtain multiple Battle Armor frames, but the level of difficulty will increase each time you complete the bounty. The Hearts Boss is another bounty that will reward you with Battle Armor frames but only after you’ve defeated the outlaw once before—the first reward for completing the Hearts Boss bounty will be an optional Drill part to equip on your Battle Armor. Both of these bounties start around level 20 and become available after progressing the story past the “Rescue Mission!” main quest.

Sand Land screenshot of Man of the Iron Nabby John in the bounty menu
Screenshot by The Escapist

Battle Armor parts are much easier to come across. The Rianda Battleship is a goldmine for parts, containing many chests that can be looted for Battle Armor parts of Super Rarity. I also frequently received Battle Armor parts as a material drop when defeating Battle Armor enemies. Of course, there are also several Battle Armor Blueprints, allowing you to craft your own parts, that can be found in the following places in Sand Land:

  • Battle Armor Blueprint 1: Sold by a Peddler in Junker Market: Rianda in Forest Land’s Bisquet Region.
  • Battle Armor Blueprint 2: Sold by a Peddler in Metly Village Ruins in Sand Land’s Skoan Region.
  • Battle Armor Blueprint 3: Sold by a Peddler at Gru Camp in Sand Land’s Nahn Region.
  • Battle Armor Blueprint 4: Sold by a Peddler at Horolo Camp in Forest Land’s Bahns Region.

Best Battle Armor Build in Sand Land

The best Battle Armor builds in Sand Land are ones that improve the bot’s defensive capabilities. It’s a close-range combat vehicle that primarily uses its fists to engage in battle, and thanks to the Battle Armor’s slow, lumbering movement, it can be difficult to dodge out of the way of enemy attacks. Rather than moving around an enemy, you can expect to consistently trade blows with them, making defense a more imperative priority over speed.

Sand Land screenshot of Battle Armor in the customization menu
Screenshot by The Escapist

With all the parts available to me, I found the best Battle Armor build to be the following:

  • Primary Weapon: Pile Driver Arm+
  • Secondary Weapon: 7mm Machine Gun+
  • Engine: Short Step Backpack II
  • Suspension: Armored Legs II
  • Options: Drill
  • Ex Chip 1: Endurance Booster Chip
  • Ex Chip 2: Emergency Escape

But the best Battle Armor for you may have some slight variation from above, with the Primary Weapon and Options parts allowing for some distinct variety that can be appealing to different play styles. Above all, I recommend using a Machine Gun over a Shotgun to help pick off any smaller enemies in the area, and I recommend parts that sacrifice speed for defense to keep your Battle Armor healthier for longer.

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