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How to Get The Bokoblin Mask in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)


Are you tired of getting murdered by Bokoblins? Want to waltz right past them? The Bokoblin Mask is the solution to your problems in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, so if you just need to have it, here’s how to get it. 

Where Do You Get The Bokoblin Mask?

To get the Bokoblin Mask, you first need to visit Pico Pond Cave, as shown on the map below. Go to the coordinates 1236, 1204, 0021 and you’ll spot the cave nearby. Speak to Kilton and Kolton, the two brothers outside the cave, and they’ll talk about Kolton’s desire to become a super monster.

To do this he needs (or thinks he needs) a Bubbul Gem. Inside the cave is a Bubbulfrog which, when killed, will drop that gem. Here’s where you come in. Head inside, avoid its bubbles, and shoot an arrow at the Bubbulfrog or throw a weapon at it to knock it off the cave walls.

Then, attack it. You may need to repeat this pattern a few times to kill it. When you do, though, you’ll get the gem. Go outside, give the gem to Kolton and he’ll give you a Bokoblin mask. He’ll also invite you to give any other Bubbul Gems you find to him. 

How Do You Use The Bokoblin Mask?

You simply need to put on the Bokoblin Mask for it to take effect. While Bokoblins will approach you they won’t attack, unless you attack them first. If you attempt to use a power such as Ultrahand, they’ll flee but won’t generally attack. 

However, if the Bokoblins are with another monster, those monsters will not be fooled. And once you’re fighting back you’ll be fair game to the now-aware Bokoblins. So it’s useful, but it won’t entirely prevent you from getting killed if you’re not careful.

And on the subject of how to get and use the Bokoblin Mask in Tears of the Kingdom, that’s all you need to know. If you’re looking for more tips to make things easier in your journeys across Hyrule, make sure to check out our full set of guides

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