How to get to The Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom

How to Get to The Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

Regardless of your thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, most fans can at least see how people were disappointed in the Divine Beasts and the various Blights that you had to tackle in that game. The follow-up, Tears of the Kingdom, puts more of a focus on dungeons and bosses in comparison. It doesn’t fully return to classic dungeons, but the first dungeon that the game pushes you towards, The Wind Temple, will take quite a bit of time to reach. Here’s how you can get to the Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom!

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Where Is The Wind Temple In Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)?

You’ll find the Wind Temple in the Hebra region in Northwest Hyrule. After your first visit to Lookout Landing, the game will recommend you visit Rito Village. Personally, I would go to that region first because not only will you encounter Hestu and be able to upgrade your inventory, but you’ll also start the Geoglyph sidequest from Impa. 

If you follow my advice, it’s recommended that you bring along some warm clothes and/or elixirs that will warm you up. That’s because once you reach Rito Village, you’ll discover that it’s frozen over, reducing the temperature and slowing your running speed. 

How to reach The Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom. Location of Rito Village.

Once you arrive, you’ll learn that the wintery environment is due to a giant storm that rages over the region and only one Rito, Tulin, can actually fly into it. You’ll have to track him down, which includes speaking to the Rito Harth (who can be found in the Hebra Trailhead Lodge directly to the north of Rito Village) then following a path up the mountain from the lodge to Hebra South Summit Cave. Once you exit the cave, you should find Tulin nearby, who will ask you to defeat a few enemies to get his bow back. 

Tulin will then join you on your quest to the center of the storm. Tulin has an ability not dissimilar to Revali’s Gale from Breath of the Wild. While Revali’s Gale gave you a gust of wind that allowed you to ascend from where you stood, Tulin’s Power of Wind creates a gust of air that pushes you as you glide, letting you gain a lot more distance. It’s rechargeable as well, so you’ll just need to wait a few seconds before you can use it again!

How To Reach The Wind Temple

With your new ability in tow, you’ll first need to climb to the top of the Rising Island Chain, which begins at a nearby peak. To climb it, you’ll need to use a combination of your glider, Ascend, and Tulin’s Power of Wind to navigate the long chain of platforms.

As I was climbing, I also made sure to examine the ground below for Shrines, Geoglyphs, and any other points of interest (I left a lot of markers on my map during my climb). There will be two Shrines along the way, but just be aware that the higher you climb, the colder it gets. The winter gear that I wore throughout the Hebra region was not enough to withstand the cold of the storm!

Once you reach the top of the area, you’ll find several flying ships with trampoline-like sails circling the storm. You’ll need to platform onto the moving ships using your glider and Tulin’s Power of Wind. If you fall, it won’t end well, though you can just warp back to the Shrine near the top of the storm if you fail.

After navigating the ships, you’ll reach the top of the mass of clouds and see the eye of the storm. Glide your way to it, then release your glider so you can dive into the center. As you begin to approach the structure inside of it, you’ll be greeted with the Wind Temple, and a warp point for you to access it whenever you want. 

And that’s how you get to the Wind Temple! If you’re looking for more tips on making your way through Hyrule, be sure to check out our full range of guides to Tears of the Kingdom.

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