If you are wondering how to give Kelvin weapons in Sons of the Forest from Endnight Games, then here is the unfortunate answer.

Sons of the Forest’s Kelvin is absolutely awesome. He takes all the effort out of building, and while he’s got his quirks, we’re happy to have him around. But what if you want to arm your new friend? Are you wondering how to give Kelvin weapons in Sons of the Forest? Here’s the unfortunate answer.

Right Now, You Can’t Give Kelvin Weapons in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest will let you issue commands to Kelvin, and you can also give him objects. But the game absolutely will not let you give him weapons. So if you speak to him and ask him to take an item, no weapons will be available.

That might not sound particularly fair, but Kelvin is not — so far — a gun-toting badass. That could change in the future, given that Sons of the Forest is in Steam Early Access. But right now, Endnight Games offers no way to give him weapons.

So we recommend you only bring him along if you know you’re going to need his resource-collecting or structure-building skills. You can start a building and then ask Kelvin to finish it, which is pretty handy.

But he won’t use weapons, and you can’t give him them; it’s squarely up to you to keep him out of trouble. So as to how to give Kelvin weapons in Sons of the Forest, the answer is that you currently don’t. Fortunately, you can always just play the game in multiplayer if you want greater chances of survival.

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