If you are wondering if survival game Sons of the Forest does or does not have multiplayer, here is the full, awesome answer - yes, co-op for 8 players at early access launch

Like the original The Forest, Sons of the Forest strands you on an island filled with mutant cannibals. It’s up to you to craft your way out of trouble, all the while tracking down a missing billionaire. But can you share this hazardous task with other people? Does Sons of the Forest have multiplayer? Here’s the answer.

Yes, Sons of the Forest Does Have Multiplayer, and There’s More Good News

Sons of the Forest, while originally scheduled for a full release, instead chose to become a Steam Early Access game first. The original The Forest also launched as an early access product, and while multiplayer was always planned, it wasn’t available until a later update.

However, the early access version of Sons of the Forest has multiplayer already, for upward of a whopping eight players. There’s no split-screen, (Not many games offer that these days.) but there is online co-op. So, you’ll not only be able to explore with other players, but you’ll be able to watch each other’s backs. On top of that, it’s a lot easier to build a wooden stockade when you’re not working alone.

At least, it is in theory. In practice, it depends on how well you and your teammates get on. If you can work together, great. If, on the other hand, one person just keeps wandering off and doing their own thing, it probably won’t end well.

So, Sons of the Forest does indeed have multiplayer — a co-op multiplayer mode, to be specific.

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