Here is how to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, so that he does not die after getting attacked (unless maybe you hit a bug).

Sons of the Forest’s Kelvin will happily build things for you, gather sticks and logs, and so on. In short, he’s great to have around. But if you’re not careful, he can get hurt. So, if you’re fond of this friendly NPC, you might be wondering how to heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. Here’s the full answer.

You Can Heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest by Holding Down a Button

No matter how Kelvin has been injured, when he’s taken enough damage he’ll be downed, meaning he’s in need of healing. But, hey, accidents happen, and it definitely wasn’t us hitting him with an axe just to see what would happen.

To heal him, you just need to move over to him and hold down the action button — E on the keyboard — and keep it held down. You should see a prompt, confirming the button to press, along with a medical cross symbol.

Hold down the button long enough and he’ll heal and get up. And if things go according to plan, that’s all there is to it. If he takes more damage before he’s healed, he’s at risk of dying — and once that happens there’s no bringing him back, short of reloading a saved game.

However, a few people have reported the heal function not working, which may well be a bug. The game is in Steam Early Access, so bugs may crop up. Hopefully, developer Endnight will patch any such issues.

But unless you hit such a bug, you can heal Kelvin in Sons of the Forest by holding down the action button until he gets up.

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