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How to Hunt the Golden Egg in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 remake Egg Hunt quest location

Resident Evil 4 remake’s side quest system adds a number of small tasks you can complete in exchange for rewards. One quest you can find in the village is the Egg Hunt quest, which tasks you with finding a golden egg. But how do you activate the quest, and where do you find a golden egg?


How to Complete the Egg Hunt Quest in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To complete the Egg Hunt, you must find and sell a Golden Egg, but first you must activate the quest.

After landing the boat at the Boat House, follow the path through the woods and into the cave. At the end of the cave section is a dock with another boat. You can find the note that activates the quest on a stone wall to the left of the dock.

Once you have activated the quest, you now need to find a golden egg.

You can find a golden egg with your boat. Go to the Lake and head east. On the eastern shore is a small tract of land housing a bunch of chickens. Around the back of this area you can find a golden egg just laying around on the ground.

Resident Evil 4 remake Egg Hunt golden egg location

Pick up the golden egg and sell it to the Merchant. This will complete the Egg Hunt quest, rewarding you with three Spinels, on top of the Pesetas you earn from the egg itself.

And that’s how to find and complete the Egg Hunt side quest in Resident Evil 4 remake.

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