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How to Level Up in Lies of P

You'll need to level up in Lies of P in order to survive the horrors that await you. Here's how to do it.

Like many a soulslike, Lies of P has you leveling up to become a better warrior. But how do you go about this? It’s not as obvious as you might think. So, if you’re wondering, here’s how to level up in Lies of P.

Here’s What You Need to Know About How to Level Up in Lies of P

To level up in Lies of P you need Ergo. That’s the game’s currency, obtained when you kill puppets, slay bosses, or sell items. You can also find Ergo collectibles which, when activated, top up your Ergo bank. At a base level, it’s the same as in Bloodborne, Dark Souls, Elden Ring, etc.

Basic Ergo can be used to level up or buy items, it’s up to you. You’ll also come across special Ergo, dropped by bosses, which can be used to level up but given its rarity you might want to hold onto it.

And, as in most Soulslikes, when you die you drop the Ergo you’re carrying. If you can get back to the place you died without dying again, you can pick up your lost Ergo. But if you die again before you pick it up it’s gone. So, now you have Ergo, where do you go to level up?

Here’s Where to Level Up in Lies of P

As you roam the city you’ll come across Stargazers which. while initially broken, can be restored to working order by P, as long as he touches them. Touching these will restore P’s health and refill his health vials (for want of a better word). Sounds like the perfect place to level up, right? Not quite, and this is where Lies of P shakes things up.

Lies of P Sophia

You can level up at the first Stargazer, the one just outside the station. But once you beat the first boss and enter Hotel Krat, you can no longer level up at Stargazers. Instead, you level up by speaking to Sophia at Hotel Krat. She’ll introduce herself when you first reach the hotel, and then she’ll usually be standing near the large Stargazer, the one on the gold platform. Though she won’t always be in that position.

The Stargazers then serve as teleporters, so to level up you first must teleport back to Hotel Krat, and then again speak to Sophia. I wouldn’t put it past Lies of P to include some kind of end-game switch, but for the bulk of Lies of P, you’ll be teleporting back to Hotel Krat to level up with Sophia. And the more you level up, the more Ergo you need each time.

And while it’s not labelled as leveling up, once you rescue Geppetto, you can use the chair in his room to boost your P-Organs. If you’ve got enough crystals you can increase your number of pulse cells and so on.

So if you were wondering how to level up in Lies of P, that’s your answer. For more on Lies of P, check out our Review in 3 Minutes, as well as our guide to all of the Legion Arms.

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